Boston based WEST helps women in science, technology, and engineering advance their
careers. Our members are committed to developing themselves as leaders through
learning, networking, and sharing. 

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Upcoming Events

February 26 - How to Advocate for Yourself
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Add to Calendar 02/26/2020 6:00 PM 02/26/2020 8:30 PM America/New_York How to Advocate for Yourself We negotiate every day. At work we negotiate not just our jobs and salaries, but research priorities, budgets, staffing, deliverables and time tables. At home some of us negotiate child care pick up and drop off, who is making dinner and who stays home when the kids are sick. While men and women are equally skilled negotiators, women face some additional challenges. Not only were many of us not raised to advocate for our own interests, but we sometimes pay a social cost when we assert our needs and interests. We’ll dive into what we negotiate, our beliefs around advocating for ourselves, how to mitigate others’ negative perceptions when we assert our interests and two tools for increasing our effectiveness. You will leave with a better understanding of what is getting in your way and what to do about it. CIC, 245 Main Street, 3rd Floor, Mosaic Room, Cambridge, MA

March 3
- Giving and Receiving Feedback
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Add to Calendar 03/03/2020 6:00 PM 03/03/2020 8:30 PM America/New_York Giving and Receiving Feedback Ginkgo Bioworks, 27 Drydock Avenue, 8th floor, Boston, MA 02210

March 12
- Conflict Management
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Add to Calendar 03/12/2020 06:00 PM 03/12/2020 8:30 PM America/New_York Conflict Management Conflict is…any situation in which your concerns or desires differ from those of another person. It occurs daily in organizations between colleagues, teams, staff, vendors, and customers. It occurs daily in all aspects of our lives. Conflict is inevitable and healthy in order for progress to occur. It is also a critical factor when managing change during many life stages of an organization. Yet it is one of the most difficult challenges we all continue to face. How do we manage conflict in an objective and skilled manner? Understanding our own conflict management styles as well as others can empower us to effectively manage conflict. There are five conflict management modes – Avoiding, Accommodating, Compromising, Collaborating and Competing. Recognizing our own style as well as others’ styles heightens our awareness allowing us to communicate more effectively. We have a choice in dealing with conflict. All five conflict-handling modes are available to us and this knowledge can give us a greater sense of control to steer conflicts in different directions by choosing different modes. This interactive session will review these five conflict-handling modes and allow attendees to practice the application of them on specific situations. Boston Marriott Cambridge, 50 Broadway, Cambridge, MA 02142

March 25
Women and Wealth: Setting Your
Course to a Strong Financial Future
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Add to Calendar 03/25/2020 06:00 PM 03/25/2019 8:00 PM America/New_York Women and Wealth: Setting Your Course to a Strong Financial Future Women are a powerful economic force, controlling nearly 40%--or $11.2 trillion—of all investable assets in the U.S. as primary decision-makers. They also represent almost half of the entire U.S. professional workforce. However, women face unique financial challenges and the many roles they play—business owner, scientist, technologist, mother, sister—influence the many financial obligations they have for themselves and their families. But true wealth is about more than just a woman’s money. It’s about a woman’s life and the things she values most as well as the relationships, interests and goals that bring her joy. Putting all these elements at the heart of a woman’s long-term wealth management strategy helps ensure that she will achieve the financial future that she envisions. Please join us for an informative seminar designed to help you identify and prioritize your objectives, and then begin to build a personalized plan that helps maximize your probability of achieving the goals you have for yourself and your loved ones, however life unfolds.. Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, 415 Main Street, Cambridge, MA 02142

April 2
- WEST's 12th Annual Awards Night
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Add to Calendar 04/02/2020 06:00 PM 04/02/2020 8:30 PM America/New_York WEST's 12th Annual Awards Night On April 2, 2020, WEST will be honoring those who have championed the advancement of women throughout Massachusetts at our 12th annual awards ceremony. We will also reflect on ways we can challenge ourselves to expand and build on these accomplishments. Ipsen, 650 E Kendall Street, Atrium, Cambridge, MA 02142

April 9
- Rockstar Breakfast and
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Add to Calendar 04/09/2020 8:00 AM 04/09/2020 9:00 AM America/New_York Rockstar Breakfast and Networking Are you looking for an opportunity to network with local senior women leaders? If so, this is THE event for you. Enjoy a light breakfast accompanied by lots of conversation with Michal Preminger, Head, Johnson & Johnson Innovation Boston and Sandra Glucksmann, President and CEO, Cedilla Therapeutics. Registration is for WEST MEMBERS ONLY and will be limited to a maximum of 20 participants to ensure an intimate experience. Womble Bond Dickinson, Independence Wharf at 470 Atlantic Ave, 6th Floor, Boston, MA

April 27
- Building Success with
Optimism, Resilience, and Grit
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Add to Calendar 04/27/2020 6:00 PM 04/27/2020 8:30 PM America/New_York Building Success with Optimism, Resilience, and Grit This interactive workshop focuses on the next level of leadership and people development - keeping one's self strong in mind through optimism, resilience, and grit. Through group and partner discussions, we will explore ways to strengthen or teach others optimism, resilience, and grit. You will learn how to strengthen and develop Optimism. We will also explore ways to build Resilience as a competency to overcome change and challenges. The workshop will end with ways to strengthen GRIT as a competency that differentiates exceptional performers from good performers, which impacts business results. Sanofi, 68 New York Avenue, Framingham, MA 01701

May 19
- Attentive Listening
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Add to Calendar 05/19/2020 6:00 PM 05/19/2020 8:30 PM America/New_York Attentive Listening Listening is the most highly correlated skill with emotional intelligence in leaders. It's also the primary skill needed for resolving conflict and having empathic discussions. And while great listening skills are easy to learn; according to the Center for Creative Leadership, most leaders get very low scores from their key stakeholders on their listening ability - but rate themselves much higher. In this workshop, we'll practice attentive listening as defined by Stephen Covey, and take a short self-assessment to determine what might be in the way of being a respectful and attentive listener. We'll also explore how listening leads to influence which is critical for anyone who needs to get things done without having positional power. PerkinElmer, 940 Winter Street, Waltham, MA 02451

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