Boston based WEST helps women in science, technology, and engineering advance their
careers. Our members are committed to developing themselves as leaders through
learning, networking, and sharing. 

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Upcoming Events

March 11 - Seven Habits of 
Effective Networkers
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Add to Calendar 03/11/2019 06:00 PM 03/11/2019 8:30 PM America/New_York Seven Habits of Effective Networkers When you hear the word 'networking' do you think of an overly-aggressive person pitching you for a deal? You're not alone! Everyone knows that we get more done when we help others and have them help us. But how do you build that network with a sense of authenticity? In this talk, Diane shares her go-to strategies that help everyone learn how to master the art of networking. You’ll gain a better sense of confidence on what events to attend, how to reconnect with someone you've lost touch with, and ways to stay top of mind. Constant Contact, 1601 Trapelo Rd, Third Floor, Great Room, Waltham, MA 02451

March 13 - Both Sides of
Negotiating Equal Pay
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Add to Calendar 03/13/2019 06:00 PM 03/13/2019 8:30 PM America/New_York Both Sides of Negotiating Equal Pay Sometimes you are the employee negotiating a new job, raise, or end of year bonus. Other times, you are the manager negotiating those same things on behalf of your employer. Regardless of your role, your actions impact the equality of the ultimate compensation decision. Both Sides of Negotiating Equal Pay teaches you how some of the best practices in hiring, promotion, and review processes prevent achieving pay equity, ironically by assuming equality already exists. More importantly this workshop will share what you can do in both roles to close gender and other pay gaps. Sanofi Genzyme, 50 Binney St Cambridge, MA 02142

April 10 - Managing Up
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Add to Calendar 04/10/2019 06:00 PM 04/10/2019 8:30 PM America/New_York Managing Up How can you effectively negotiate the relationship that has the most impact on your career, and still be yourself? How can you have power with your manager, being cooperative and expressive? Managing up is not about manipulation or capitulation. Rather it’s learning to influence with respect, and broaden your horizons to speculate about the pressures and demands which may be outside of your view. It’s about influencing diplomatically yet authentically. Being intentional about challenging a plan. How can you get what you need at the same time you’re focusing on what your manager needs? bluebird bio, 60 Binney Street, 10th Floor, Aviary Room, Cambridge, MA 02142


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