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Boston based WEST helps women in science, technology, and engineering advance their
careers. Our members are committed to developing themselves as leaders through
learning, networking, and sharing. 

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Our Diverse Community: Although WEST’s mission is that of a learning community to advance women leaders in the enterprise of science and technology, we welcome the participation of anyone who would find value from our learning community. We recognize and value the role a diverse and inclusive membership has in the development of leadership skills among our members. Differences in gender, age, race, ethnic heritage, religion, appearance, sexual orientation, or any number of other distinguishing factors provide experiences, viewpoints, and ideas that can strengthen and enrich our discussion. 

Upcoming Events

January 19 - Career
Possibilities Panel: R&D

January 27 - Healthcare
Investments & Exits: 2021

February 8 Be a Better

February 10 - Rockstar

February 16 - Career
Possibilities Panel: R&D
Clinical, Regulatory, Patient

March 10 - The Writer's Lab - Art and Science: Similarities in Process

March 16 - Career
Possibilities Panel:
Commercial, Medical Affairs,
Market Access

March 24 - Engineering Art: Radioactive, A musical about Marie Cure

April 13 - Career
Possibilities Panel:
Portfolio Strategy, Business
Development, Tech

May 18 - Career
Possibilities Panel: Digital
Health, Data Sciences

June 15 - Career
Possibilities Panel: Finance,
Investment & Commercial
Banking, VC



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