Do you wish to reinforce your image and reputation as an active promoter of gender diversity in your company? Is leadership development for women on your corporate agenda?

If the answer to those questions is yes, we can help. Sponsorship of WEST demonstrates your commitment to gender diversity in the science and technology sectors. We deliver over 40 events and workshops annually welcoming some 3,500 participants throughout the year. Over 85% of attendees to WEST events have graduate degrees, and are always eager to learn about other individuals, organizations, and opportunities.

You can sponsor WEST as an individual, a corporate partner or a specific event supporter – please contact us at [email protected] to discuss your sponsorship options.

Corporate Partnership

Choose WEST as a learning and development partner while promoting you employer brand for women in science and technology

  • Provide your high potential early to mid-career women with access to our rich program of learning workshops and networking events designed to build their leadership, career and life skills and support your talent management strategies and help you build a sustainable leadership pipeline
  • Your sponsorship will be recognized and seen by the large community in the Boston. WEST corporate sponsors are acknowledged on the WEST home page and are able to partner in developing the workshops offered by WEST throughout the year

Event Sponsorship

  • WEST hosts many events throughout the year, and has sponsorship opportunities for most programs. Two annual award ceremonies are highly visible. In the winter, the “Giving Back Award” ceremony honors women who give back to their communities through their day jobs and/or through volunteering. In the spring, the “Leadership Awards” ceremony showcases women who have demonstrated remarkable leadership in science and technology. 

Who Sponsors WEST?

WEST attracts a variety of types of sponsors, ranging from law firms, large pharmaceutical companies, smaller biotech and technology companies, to CRO's, and other service provides.

Individual Donations

WEST is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation and welcomes charitable donations from individuals who want to support further development and growth of the organization. You can make a donation here.


Sponsorship Levels

WEST hosts a variety of educational and career development programs and events throughout the year.  Companies and organizations can sponsor these programs and receive benefits.   

Why support /Mutual GOALS?

WEST sponsorship provides an excellent platform to enable and make actionable, an organization’s goals to enhance support for women in the pursuit of careers in STEM. Specifically, the programs are designed to expand women’s access to mentors, networks, and education within the relevance of STEM. As a residual impact, organizations that sponsor also have a wonderful opportunity to expand their visibility within the community through positive branding and recognition as a progressive employer who supports women in STEM.

How can you Engage and SUPPORT?

Support can be offered in a variety of formats and should align with the goals of both WEST and the respective sponsor. Examples including sponsoring signature events, workshops, networking sessions, and student scholarships, or buying group memberships or event ticket packages. Please find more details below. 

Signature Event Sponsorship and Company Partnerships Available

  • Bulk memberships and bulk event ticket packages available
  • Workshop sponsor: Welcome attendees, talk 2-3 minutes about your company, and introduce the speaker, marketing material displayed on a table, and 5 free tickets to the event
  • Customized workshop: WEST provides speaker(s) and registration. Price varies depending on length and whether the event is internal for employees only or open to the WEST community.
  • Corporate sponsorship: All company employees can attend WEST events at the member rate for one year, 60 event tickets (or 150 webinar tickets), 2-3 onsite professional development workshop, 2 job postings per month on WEST’s website, and acknowledgement at signature events, on the website, and in newsletters. (customizable to fit your needs)

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WEST is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation. WEST can accept credit card payments.