WEST Dynamic Pod Mentoring - Mentees

Thank you for your interest in seeking mentorship through the mentoring program of WEST. This exciting and unique mentoring program is a great opportunity to develop your skills and accomplish your goals.

The mentoring program will support you to set, or refine, clear and achievable goals. Then mentors and peer mentees will guide and advise on developing action plans to achieve your goals, both short and/or long-term goals. You will have the unique opportunity to work on your goals from multiple angles or to focus on a specific area through a diverse set of topics across the program.

The 2022 Mentoring Program will be built on the theme of Transition, focusing on career transition in terms of seniority, industry or specialty area.

This Pod Mentoring program will give you the tools and skills to continue and strengthen your development and career journey. With this program you will have the opportunity to interact and exchange with a broad range of expert mentors and mentees from diverse backgrounds and expertise, to hear about a range of real world career journeys and to network with peers to create and grow your own professional network.

As a mentee participant you are expected to:

  • Identify career or personal goals to achieve and define an action plan
  • Process session feedback and identify near-term or longer-term actions to accomplish your goal
  • Regularly evaluate your progress against your action plan
  • Strive to attend all events and be willing to share your experiences openly and transparently with your pod
  • Commit to follow through with actions around goals, both your program goal and session goal(s)
  • Come prepared to sessions with a concise elevator pitch on your challenge or goal
  • Support your peer mentees with honest feedback and advice
  • Use active listening 
  • Practice a growth mindset (i.e. positive intent and challenge to expand sphere of comfort)
  • Follow rules of psychological safety (i.e. confidentialityand respect for honest conversations
  • Complete post-meeting surveys (including prioritizing topics or mentors for the upcoming session)

If you are interested in this program, please fill out the interest survey by August 19, 2022.

Please note that if you are accepted to the program you will receive a confirmation email and will be required to pay a fee of $100 by 8/25.