Promoting Women’s Careers in Science and Technology: Preparing Tomorrow’s Leaders



Boston based WEST helps women in science, technology, and engineering

advance their careers. Our members are committed to developing

themselves as leaders through learning, networking, and sharing.



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July 27 - Rockstar Breakfast with Emily Reichert and Chesley Chen
More Information and Registration

August 9 - Expand the Lean In Conversation with Jill Ebstein
More Information and Registration

September 13 - Rockstar Breakfast with Deb Vernon and Sandra Glucksmann
More Information and Registration

Save the Dates

September 14 - Operational Excellence for Team Performance: The tools and methods of operational excellence

September 28 - Lunch Entrepreneurship Panel with Ellevate

October 4 - Working Remotely

October 18 - Career Paths and Working in Industry

October 19 - Towards Operational Excellence: Selecting areas that will deliver the biggest payouts and motivate your team

October 28 - Unconference – The Economics of Being Female

November 8 - Developing Presence 

November 16 - Operational Excellence and digital collaboration: How digital business collaboration supports individual, team and organizational excellence

December - Strategies for Juggling the Complex Role of Manager


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