Member Spotlight

Yoshika Sherring
Senior Biotech

Joined WEST: 2009
Referred by a friend

"WEST has given me access to an invaluable network of women with a diverse range of experiences and expertise that I can rely upon for support and guidance in my career."

About WEST


Launched in 2000, the WEST organization provides a forum for women in science and technology industries to network and share information about career advancement and skill development. Uniquely tied to this highly educated, influential community, the WEST leadership has long provided a supportive environment for mid-career women in these vital sectors, allowing them a unique opportunity to acquire the skills necessary to become business leaders in their fields.

WEST offers a rich and thriving community that provides support, guidance, and professional development for professionals in science, engineering, and technology industries. Members can leverage a broad array of workshops and panels that include advice regarding career advancement, alternate career options, professional skill building, and exposure to entrepreneurial thinking.  Calibrated to arm our members with the skills they need in today’s competitive, fast-paced work environment, the WEST organization works tirelessly to bring the most up-to-date information to the group. Through education, mentor-ship, and engaged networking, we strive to serve our diverse community so our members can achieve their full potential.

WEST encourages women to develop entrepreneurial management thinking, educated risk taking, creative problem solving, and inspirational, supportive leadership for their teams/organizations/businesses. WEST members work at biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and IT companies as well as in organizations that support and collaborate with these industries such as professional service firms, financial institutions, and non-profit groups. WEST welcomes men as members, attendees and/or speakers at programs and events. Women and men in science and technology are professional colleagues so it is important for WEST to welcome all. As WEST continues to thrive, providing ever-increasing value in today’s highly connected world, we hope you will consider becoming part of our community. Please join us today!