Benefits of Volunteering

Volunteering is an opportunity to develop a new skill, expand your career options, be part of your community, gain a stronger sense of achievement, develop new interests, problem solve, improve programs, make important networking contacts, have new experiences, teach others, build self-confidence, gain leadership experience, express gratitude for the help you have received, experience working on a team, and meet a diverse range of people.  

WEST appreciates volunteers and has a variety of options available. WEST offers ongoing training and support. There are volunteer benefits including attending free events for hours of service. 

Please contact Jaime Luna at for more information. 


Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Ambassador Program

    • Be the face and voice of WEST in your organization communicating WEST’s mission and vision
    • Spread the word about upcoming events and encourage attendance
    • Enthusiastically explain the benefits of WEST membership 
  • Database and Office Management
    • Update and maintain WEST's database, including data entry, deletion of duplications, and monthly updates of current information.
    • Handle donor acknowledgements and thank you letters
  • Fundraising and Development
    • Identify and research donor prospects
    • Solicit corporate sponsorships and in-kind donations
    • Interact with donors and conduct donor meetings
    • Develop donor materials, presentations, and mailings
    • Serve as an ambassador for and promote a positive image of the organization
    • Establish cooperative, reciprocal relationships with individual donors and foundations
    • Develop annual fundraising goal and business strategies/best practices to achieve revenue goals
    • Build relationships with corporate leaders who can support fundraising initiatives and involve them at the appropriate time. Manage such contacts for not only short-term results, but also upgraded long-term relationships
    • Determine market potential and target companies
  • Marketing and Communication
    • Maintain event postings on our website and other webpages
    • Post our events on other organizations’ community events calendars
    • Write and compile material for our email newsletters
    • Create fliers and print materials
    • Post updates on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media
    • Organize files and photos
    • Raise visibility for WEST and its mission
  • Membership
    • Develop and implement a membership marketing strategy and tactics
    • Contact prospective members, new active members, and expiring members prior to cancellation to encourage membership
    • Staff membership booths at relevant conferences
    • Host membership open house/meetings for prospective members
    • Visit and present to appropriate organizations to educate on what WEST does and offers
    • Establish and implement goals of membership recruitment and retention plan
    • Conduct member and non-member focus groups
    • Develop and review satisfaction surveys and implement new ways to increase member satisfaction
    • Determine and implement methods to recognize and reward members
    • Build the membership base of the organization and enhance the WEST community experience for members 
    • Help develop a member’s only section of the website
  • Mentoring Program
    • Design a mentoring program by examining recruitment, screening, orientation and training, matching, match activities, ongoing support, recognition and match closure
    • Create a plan for evaluating the impact and outcomes of the program
  • Programming/Events
    • Help design and execute WEST educational programs, seminars, workshops, parties, and other events 
    • Develop workshop topics and secure speakers
    • Help publicize the events and actively recruit attendees
    • Create the program flyer, including title, description, speaker bios, date, time, location, and cost.
    • Thank speakers in-person and with a follow up note
Those interested in volunteering should contact Jaime Luna at 857-600-2598 or
To download our volunteer opportunities flyer, please click hereTo learn more our Ambassador Program and Benefits, please click here.