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WEST is very fortune to work with great speakers who lead workshops for our community.  If you are interested finding a speaker or coach, please review the details below.


Gwen Acton
Vivo Group

Influence Without Authority
Do you need others to get things done, but they don’t report to you? The truth is that even when you do have “power”, you are often better off using influence first. The most effective individual contributors, managers, and executives use influence skills to achieve results, regardless of their positional power within the organization. Attending this interactive workshop will provide you with key insights into how to get things done whether or not you are in charge. Influence skills can improve your ability to manage “up”, get agreement from peers, and motivate others. It will enable you to work more effectively in project and cross-functional teams, collaborations, and matrixed organizations. 

Learning Objectives
 - Gain insight into why people do (or don’t do) things you want them to do

 - Develop skills to recognize and align with the personal goals and motivations of others
 - Improve capacity to build and strengthen long-term relationships  
 - Increase ability to get things done even without the title or position in a company

Strategic Versus Tactical Thinking Workshop
The terms strategy and tactics are often confused: tactics are the means used to accomplish an objective, while strategy is the overall plan within a broader context. As technical experts, we are often trained and rewarded for getting things done – highly focused on the tactical aspects without having a clear understanding of the overall strategy.  Strategic thinking involves long term planning, determining priorities, and identifying potential risks and opportunities. In addition, strategic thinking becomes increasingly important in the higher levels of an organization. During this workshop participants learn how to increase their value to an organization by focusing their efforts on long-term impact activities, in addition to short-range implementation. This interactive workshop enables participants to learn the theory and fundamentals of strategic thinking, and gain tools and practice to implement these skills in your current position.

More About Gwen
Gwen Acton, PhD, is an expert on strategic leadership at the intersection of science and business. She is CEO of Vivo Group, a firm that improves the leadership skills of technical experts so they can be more productive and innovative in industry. Prior to this, she served as Director of Scientific Development at the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research, where she ran the operations of the Functional Genomics Program, a $40 million, 50-person academic-industry collaborative research program.  Dr. Acton has a doctorate in biology from M.I.T., and served as a faculty member at Harvard University in the department of Molecular and Cellular Biology. She is the author of the book "The Bluffer’s Guide to Genetics," a humorous guide to DNA published by Oval Books, and the former president of Women Entrepreneurs in Science & Technology (WEST). Dr. Acton is a popular speaker, workshop presenter, and facilitator.

More About Vivo Group
Vivo Group specializes in working with scientists and engineers to develop their leadership and ‘soft’ people skills. Services include seminars, workshops, facilitation, and executive coaching. Popular program topics include: Influence Without Authority; Transition from Technical Expert to Leader/Manager; ‘Herding Cats’: Managing Scientists and Engineers; Negotiation Tactics for Scientists; Presentation & Communication Skills for the Business of Science.


Rita Balian Allen
Rita B. Allen Associates

Team Leadership - Developing, Mentoring and Coaching Your Team
Leadership skills and competencies are required of most professionals at all levels in today's competitive marketplace. The ability to bring out talent in others and unleash their utmost potential is what great leaders do. The focus of this discussion will include practices, principles and behaviors that result in effective team leadership creating an environment of trust and ultimately collaboration. This will be an interactive dialogue where participants will be introduced to methodologies that are valuable aspects of team leadership including developmental coaching, mentoring and action planning. 

Accelerate Your Career through Personal Branding and Marketing Yourself Workshop
When we use the term “marketing”, most people think of products, services and commodities.  How about ourselves – marketing our talents, accomplishments and value – inside our organizations and outside within our profession, industry and community.  Are you or your staff members comfortable talking about yourselves in this way?  More importantly, are you prepared to talk about yourselves in this way – packaging your talents and accomplishments – showcasing them, leveraging them and presenting your value internally within your organization and externally within your chosen fields & communities?  Identifying, creating and articulating one's “personal brand" empowers us to 'own our career' and seize opportunities we aspire to achieve. Personal branding and the ability to market ourselves is an essential ingredient for successful career management.  Learn how to create a framework to embrace and develop this core competency.

About Rita Balian Allen
Rita Balian Allen is the president of Rita B. Allen Associates, a career management firm specializing in executive coaching, leadership development, management training and career development. She is a lecturer at Boston-area universities, a sought-after speaker and presenter, the author of numerous articles, blogs and the book, "Personal Branding and Marketing Yourself: The Three P's Marketing Technique as a Guide to Career Empowerment". Rita was voted one of the top ten executive coaches by the Boston Women's Business Journal.  She brings many years of human resources experience to her practice and has worked with leaders across all industries and professions.  Previously, she held roles as Vice President of Marketing and Search Services with Gatti & Associates, and human resource positions with C.R. Bard, Inc., BTU International, and Unitrode Corporation.  She holds an MS in Leadership and a BS in Business Administration from Northeastern University and is certified in several assessments tools.   Rita currently serves on the board of directors of More Than Words and is a former board member of The Boston Club and the Association of Career Professionals International - New England.   She is also an active member of other professional associations and organizations.  

More About Rita B. Allen Associates
Rita B. Allen Associates offers expertise in developing and implementing effective career and talent management strategies that assist individuals, teams and organizations maximize their potential and create strategies for growth, development and success. Rita B. Allen Associates takes a results-oriented approach in offering customized talent management coaching, training and consulting services to individuals and organizations including executive coaching, career coaching, team coaching, Human Resources coaching, leadership development, management training, career development and Human Resources consulting.  Located in Waltham, MA, Rita B. Allen Associates, works with clients across all industries on a national level.


Kathy Ball-Toncic
The 262 Group

Personality Styles and Communication Using DiSC Workshop
This workshop focuses on developing greater self-awareness and stronger people skills. This DiSC workshop begins with a short but powerful assessment based on the DiSC Dimensions of Behavior Model, which groups behavioral responses into four clusters. This self-scoring behavioral learning instrument is a proven road map to interpersonal communications and teamwork. Then Kathy Ball-Toncic, CPCC will provide a background on different DiSC facets and help you self-assess your own profile. The workshop uses content and interactive exercises to help participants understand difference and how best to leverage their own style when dealing with others who may have a different profile to their own. There will be lots of practical and actionable strategies for communicating, influencing, and collaborating more effectively.

More About Kathy
Kathy Ball-Toncic is a corporate and leadership coach, specializing in women’s leadership development. In 2006, she founded the two.six.two group, a leadership coaching and consulting firm. Kathy leverages her own experience in the corporate world to motivate and inspire other leaders. She has collaborated with CEO’s, managers, directors, and individual contributors, both men and women, from many diverse companies including corporations such as Omgeo (a Thomson Financial/DTCC company), NYFIX, Novartis, Raytheon, ING, and Babson University. Kathy is the former director and current faculty member of the Graduate Program in Executive Coaching at Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology in Boston (www.mspp.edu).  Kathy is an adjunct faculty member at the Swiss School of Management in Rome where she teaches leadership to MBA students from around the world.

More About The 262 Group 
The 262 Group is a dynamic and inspirational coaching and consulting company specializing in leadership development. We work with organizations and individuals to create a more open, integrated and courageous workplace through inspiring individuals to reach their full potential. We combine first-hand executive-level corporate experience with coaching and training expertise to create positive outcomes for individuals, teams, and organizations.


Eleanor Chin
Clarity Partners Coaching and Consulting

Resiliency Workshop
Resilience seems to be the new catch phrase. People and cities are touted as resilient. But what does it really mean to be resilient? And how does one get resilient? Is it a genetic dice roll? Or is it learnable? The answer is both. 
The field of resiliency has a long history of psychological research and much is known that can help us in our day-to-day struggles. Eleanor Chin will shed light on some of the psychological and emotional concepts that make up what we call resilience and share some strategies for learning to be more psychologically hardy in the face of adversity. Eleanor has studied with Martin Seligman (Learned Optimism) and Karen Reivich (The Resilience Factor) and has taught in University of Pennsylvania’s program to teach resiliency to the US Army. Over 12,000 soldiers have learned to be more resilient and we can too. 

More About Eleanor
Eleanor Chin brings over 20 years of experience as a dynamic leader, executive coach and an innovative thinker in her work with not-for-profits, educational institutions, Fortune 1000 corporations and start-up ventures. Ms. Chin combines her experience and vision to coach individual and institutional clients in navigating change and creating inclusive, effective systems.

More About Clarity Partners Coaching and Consulting
All systems, whether individuals or organizations sometimes get stuck -- weighted down with familiarity and routine. We can help refresh your vision by highlighting creative thinking skills, emphasizing new learning and designing clear next steps to move you or your organization into action. 


 Katie Donovan
 Equal Pay Negotiations LLC

Negotiating Pay & Benefits: A Script Workshop
Ann T. finally got an offer from her dream company and did not want to jeopardize it yet she knew she needed to play the entire hiring game and negotiate her pay. She was happy she did. With the knowledge she gained from my coaching she negotiated a salary package 15% higher than the initial offer. People who negotiate pay can earn an extra million dollars in their career. Women are hearing this message and know they should negotiate. Women are hearing about all the tactics and strategies they should use when negotiating. Women are not hearing the answers to a very common concern. What do I say? This presentation answers that concern with scripts for the most common of situations in the manner of negotiation most comfortable and successful for women, the collaborative approach. Learn what to say to: start the negotiation, promote accomplishments without bragging, and if the manager says no. Throughout the session, you will gain some insights into what management is thinking during the process.

More About Katie
Katie Donovan is a salary negotiation consultant, equal pay advocate, and keynote speaker.  Ms. Donovan’s speaks on equal pay issues and salary negotiations at such venues as Harvard Business School, National Association of Women MBAs Conference, Association of American University Women, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, Mom Corps, Holy Cross Women in Business Conference, and 85 Broads.  She is frequently quoted by media writing about career management, salary negotiation, and pay equal pay issues including NPR, Cosmopolitan, Forbes, The Huffington Post, US News & World Report, Woman’s Day, Salary.com, and The Glass Hammer.  It's common for women who take who courses or consult with her to negotiate at least 10% more from the initial offer or their current pay.

More About Equal Pay Negotiations LLC
She launched Equal Pay Negotiations LLC to help eliminate the gender pay gap by teaching women salary and employment package negotiation skills. The company’s offerings include online courses, mobile apps, workshops, and personal consulting. 


Beata Dragovics
Freedom Trail Financial, LLC

Making Financial Decision with a Purpose: How to make smart, value based decisions with your money
For those who desire to be the best they can be in the various roles they have in life, living in alignment is critical. Living in alignment is about aligning one’s “real" behaviors with one’s “ideal" values. It is both as simple and as difficult as that! By recognizing what values are truly most important to us we can determine the role they may or may not be playing in decision making regarding our finances. When you begin with this step, you can make all your financial decisions “with a purpose.” Adopting this approach, your comprehensive financial plan will be based on desired long-term goals and will not be affected by short term noise. Once our session is complete you will have detailed information needed to make informed decisions and to create a financial planning checklist that can help you stay on track with your finances. 

More about Beata Dragovics
Beata Dragovics, founder of Freedom Trail Financial, LLC., was born in a small suburban town near Budapest, Hungary. Her mother set a powerful entrepreneurial example by opening her own CPA firm and encouraging Beata to study English and travel. She relocated to Boston close to two decades ago, earned her CFP® certification and, after working at a major brokerage firm in Boston for over 10 years, established Freedom Trail Financial. Beata believes in the effectiveness of comprehensive, holistic, financial planning that aligns your values with your long term financial goals. Beata earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from the Budapest Business School and in 2016 earned her Master’s Degree in Financial Planning from the College of Financial Planning. She holds the FINRA Series 7 and 66 registrations through Commonwealth Financial Network®.

More about Freedom Trail Financial
Freedom Trail Financial, LLC, is an independent wealth management firm in Boston, Massachusetts. We provide personalized financial planning and investment management for our clients. We partner with individuals from a variety of different backgrounds, ages, career paths, and life circumstances and we develop financial and wealth management plans that give them confidence. By connecting with clients on a personal level, we provide an understanding and passionate approach to wealth management that—combined with our expertise—allows us to develop tailored financial plans that honor each client’s personal values. FTF works extensively with professionals from the life science sector as well as women professionals from corporate backgrounds to entrepreneurs. As a woman-owned and -operated financial management firm, Freedom Trail Financial is attuned to the unique financial challenges that today’s women face. Women today are more educated and have more financial power and control than ever before in history—but this means that they must be informed to make big decisions about their wealth.


Christine Duvivier
Positive Leaders LLC

Having More Impact in Less Time Workshop
How do we stop riding the cycle of frenzy so that we can be happier, have more energy and create what we want in work and life? The answer lies in a guided positive-change process that frees you and builds commitment from your team. Drawing on Christine Duvivier’s  professional and academic work, Have More Impact in Less Time leads you out of turmoil and into a more productive model.  You learn the three major obstacles to being the leader you want to be–and how to avoid them. You gain a better understanding of the limits of time management and strategies that get the results you want.  The tools you come away with lead to a powerful discovery: You can have much greater impact without sacrificing your own wellbeing.

About Christine Duvivier
Christine Duvivier’s personal experience in positive change began 20 years ago, as a Fortune 50 leader in a technology firm, when she engaged employees worldwide to boost Customer Loyalty. Working with hundreds of global leaders in companies such as Akamai, DuPont, Eli Lilly, Haemonetics, and HP, Christine has studied and applied the teachings of the great masters in happiness, spirituality, leadership and positive change, becoming one of the first 65 people in the world to become a Master in Applied Positive Psychology at UPenn. She also holds an MBA from Cornell. Christine lives in Wellesley, MA with her husband, David and they have two daughters, Katherine and Lauren.

About Positive Leaders LLC
Christine’s research shows that within each of us lie tremendous untapped reservoirs of potential. Discovering  the strategies and power of positive change and, conversely, releasing what holds us back, has been the defining  journey of her life and work. Positive Leaders draws on Christine’s 20 + years of mentoring business executives, parents, and leaders from around the world, along with her research in positive psychology, to offer mentoring, facilitation and workshops that guide us to unleash hidden talents. Christine challenges the notion that those who are not currently top performers have something wrong with them and are ill positioned for future success. In its place, she proposes a new model-- based on her research on current and future leaders and her work in positive change–a model that holds a person’s well-being at its core. Instead of chasing ratings, grades and scores, Christine’s vision affirms that every one of us is gifted and free to develop and showcase innate talents in school and career.  


Marion Estienne

Overcoming the Two Biggest Impediments for Successfully Working Globally
The fact of globalization affects all of us, daily. This is especially true for men and women working in science and technology, two of the economic engines of the 21st century economy. Companies operate globally, drawing on the talent and innovative thinking particular to a country or region. If there ever was an ‘age of ideas’, we’re living it! Progress, however, is often stalled, or, worse, halted, because the human element of technological advances hasn’t as yet caught up. Collaborating with colleagues who have experienced the world differently as they grew up or whose professional lenses see a problem differently than us often causes conflict. When we work virtually, as we often do in global project teams, as one example, we find it difficult to establish trust with our co-workers. Social distance is increased as there are no opportunities to ‘chat around the watercooler’ or have lunch together in the canteen. How do we cope with difference and learn to respond, with cultural and emotional intelligence, rather than ‘react’ to what we perceive are threats? This interactive workshop with Marion Estienne, Ph.D. focuses on two such impediments to successful collaboration: functional and cultural differences. We will explore function by considering thinking preferences and how they determine different styles of decision-making, communication, and leadership. We will then look at some cultural components which directly impair trust between and among people from different countries. Finally, once we understand the origins of the potential for conflict, we will look at some tools and techniques which can help us be more successful when dealing with difference. 

About Marion Estienne
Marion Estienne, Ph. D is an expert in international business, global mindset, and cross-cultural leadership changes. She develops talent in companies that need to meet the demands of the global marketplace.  Not only does she develop others to work successfully in the international environment, but she also has done business herself as an international consultant, trainer and coach.  Marion is an ICF certified Executive Coach from the Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara. 
Leadership and developing leaders are her passion.  She believes it is not possible to move forward as an organization without transformational leadership.  She is exploring this theme weekly in a radio program, entitled, Present Tense, Future Perfect, on the Bold and Brave Media Global Network/TuneIn Radio.  Faced with accelerated change due to four factors, Innovation, Globalization, Climate Change, and Technology, her radio show asks the question, are our organizations and societies developing the kind of leadership that is necessary for what is a turning point in history?  

About 3sixtyglobal
3sixtyglobal's mission is to ensure that leaders and their teams compete and succeed in the global marketplace. 
We work with expats and their teams to prepare them to incorporate the effects of culture into every aspect of business:  from the development of new markets, reaching out to customers, dealings with legal issues and other stakeholders in the business, and performing cultural audits for mergers and acquisitions and joint ventures. “Working with them” means making them aware of cultural differences and how their own skills and behaviors need to adapt to different business conditions.  3sixtyglobal makes them agile players when operating outside their home country borders.


Ali Farquhar
GTL Coaching and Consulting

Using Mindfulness to Stay Sane in a Stressful World Workshop
In a hectic, volatile, complex, and uncertain world, being mindful is a challenge. Rather than experiencing the present, we tend either to dwell in the past, ruminating about the things we should have done, or in the future, worrying whether we will achieve the goals we think are necessary for our success and happiness. Meanwhile, in the present, we are endlessly stimulated by electronic devices, always-on social media, and a limitless supply of distractions that keep us from our priorities. Mindfulness may be just the remedy you've been looking for. Come and take a pause from the busyness and stress of your everyday lives; learn about the benefits of finding some calm within; and practice some mindfulness techniques that you can take home with you as your own personal antidote to stress.

Giving and Receiving Feedback Workshop
Good feedback is hard to come by. Often, people shy away from offering honest, constructive feedback, because they worry that the relationship will be damaged. Likewise, people often shy away from asking for feedback, for fear of what they may hear. If we only have our own perceptions to go on, our blind spots will keep us from developing to our full potential. And when we withhold important performance information from others, we keep ourselves comfortable at the cost of their development. Come to this interactive workshop lead by Ali Farquhar to learn about why it is hard to both give and get feedback, and develop some skills that will make it easier.  

Overcoming Immunity to Change Workshop
Have you ever set yourself a goal that you really wanted and needed to reach but found yourself unable to make progress? Or perhaps you took a few positive steps only to slide frustratingly back to square one? Overcoming Immunity to Change provides a powerful methodology to help individuals and teams get “unstuck” and finally make lasting progress on goals that matter to them. It is a process that leads people to a clear understanding of why they do what they do, and how their underlying patterns of thinking keep them from progress even when they seem committed to action. Participants come to the Overcoming Immunity to Change workshop with a particular personal goal in mind and focus on that goal throughout the workshop. By the end of the process, they have a clear handle on how they get in their own way, and practical tools to help them step aside. The process can be used with individuals and with teams to achieve breakthrough change. The workshop serves to help you get out of your way and achieve your goals.

More About Ali
Alison Farquhar (Ali), Principal of GTL Coaching & Consulting, is a respected executive coach, consultant, and facilitator who helps high potentials develop as leaders and teams find constructive and effective ways to get results. As a facilitator, Ali helps groups work through high stakes situations and engage with the unspoken issues that hold them back. Building leadership capacity, driving growth and change, advancing strategic dialogue, and unlocking the system when change appears blocked, are all central to GTL’s mission. Ali holds a BA (1st Class Combined Honours) from Exeter University in the UK, an MBA from INSEAD, France, and is a Certified Executive Coach trained at the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology. Prior to forming GTL, her career included international banking, academic research, management consulting, and executive education. Ali has consulted in a wide range of industries across Europe and North America, and worked with leaders in organizations of all sizes from Fortune 50 to small hi-tech start-ups. She draws from multiple disciplines (leadership, change management, adult development, neuropsychology, and cross-cultural dynamics) to serve her clients. In addition, she is a certified “Overcoming Immunity to Change” Coachtrained to help individuals and teams get “un-blocked” in the face of persistent challenging issues. 

More About GTL Coaching & Consulting
GTL Consulting focuses on high-intellect sectors (healthcare, biotech, academia, financial and professional services) working with mid- to senior-level executives who are both highly valued and seen to hold untapped potential. Clients are at the C-level where it can be lonely at the top and honest feedback is rare; mid to senior level players transitioning into new roles; talented managers who are demanding to supervise; and foreign or US executives adapting to cross-cultural assignments.


Laurie Gerber
The Handel Group 

Mastering Time Workshop
Your relationship with time is one of the most important relationships in your life. Ending the struggle with time leaves you free, happy and productive. In this seminar, you will learn the basics of relating powerfully to time. You will discover the solution to procrastination, overwhelm and ineffectiveness. You will learn how to organize yourself, plan brilliantly and most importantly, feel more joy and success in both your everyday activities and your most heart-felt endeavors.

More About Laurie
Laurie Gerber is Co-President and Senior Coach at Handel Group® Life Coaching. Her professional and personal mission is to better the world by teaching people to tell the truth and pursue their dreams. Her focus is on maximizing clients' ability to thrive across all areas of life--health, love, career, money, family, etc. Laurie spreads her message of empowerment through live international events, one-on-one coaching, virtual coaching courses, as a writer for well-known blogs, and in TV and radio appearances. 

More About The Handel Group

The Handel Method was created by Handel Group co-founder Lauren Zander and is the foundation for the courses we teach at institutions such as MIT, NYU and Stanford, and the work we do within companies such as AOL, BASF, Sony, BP, and The New York Times.  The method is revolutionary yet easy to understand, methodical yet customizable. The Handel Method is based on a belief in the power of speaking the truth, and in Personal Integrity™ as the most direct avenue toward creating permanent change in any area of life. We work with clients to address their fears, thoughts, and negative beliefs so that they are free to invent a life they love.


Julie Lynch
Uncommon Consulting

The Manager's Magic Potion Workshop
Almost as easy as waving a magic wand, this practice will save you time, develop staff and increase innovation.  As if that weren't enough, with these five easy inquiries you will more easily delegate, manage performance and reward your stars.  In short, you will run a more productive and motivated organization. What is the Magic Potion?  Five simple inquiries - translated into your own words – that can help you: Identify and motivate your star employees, identify performance problems, delegate more effectively, develop your staff, save loads of time, and make you a tremendously better manager.

More About Julie
Julie Lynch, Principal of Uncommon Consulting, is an expert in motivation, management and meaningful work and brings 20 years of experience in executive and management development, organizational effectiveness and HR leadership roles.  With a unique ability to articulate goals, inspire action and facilitate the development of outstanding teams, her programs are engaging, informative and packed with practical tools.

More About Uncommon Consulting 
Uncommon Consulting delivers engaging, informative and practical programs to inspire, motivate and manage great work.Our workshops unlock the mystery of motivation, uncover best practices and unleash everyone’s potential to be the best they can be. We help you: Discover what truly motivates you, inspire others to achieve their best, connect people more meaningfully to their work.


Heather McGotty

Get Your Dream Job – Resume Writing and Interviewing for Success Workshop
Starting a job search can be a daunting process no matter where you are in your career.  There is a lot of competition for jobs and companies want to hire the absolute best.  So how do you ensure you are one of the lucky ones that get to interview for the job you want?  First, you start with telling your story through your resume.  You’re heard the horror stories about that recruiter who only looks at your resume for a matter of seconds and if you don’t have “what they’re looking for” they move on.  Take heart, this isn’t true of all HR departments and hiring managers.  The goal is to target your job search, apply for jobs for which you are qualified, and then ensure your resume speaks to what the hiring manager is seeking.  In this workshop, we’ll talk about how to get noticed and how about those pesky cover letters?  Once you get an interview, we’ll talk about selling yourself to a stranger.  It’s about having a conversation and providing insight to who you are, what you’ve accomplished and how you can help a new company achieve its goals.  Your work starts long before you step foot in an interviewers office, so we’ll talk about researching a prospective employer, questions you should be prepared to ask and questions you need to ask.  Remember, you are interviewing a new employer just as much as they are interviewing you! 

More about Heather
Heather McGotty, Director, Human Resources, has been hiring people for over 22 years and still gets a thrill when a prospective candidate says “yes!”  A Massachusetts native, Heather graduated from UMass Amherst with a B.B.A. in Human Resources and immediately relocated to New Jersey to work at The Prudential as a recruiter.  In her career, she’s also worked in organizational design and development, learning and development, employee relations, compensation, and project management.  While the industries have varied (consumer package goods and financial services), the core of Human Resources has and will always be people and how we create environments so that everyone can contribute to an organization’s success.

More about Welch’s
Welch’s is a farmer owned cooperative headquartered in Concord, MA.  We manufacture juice, jams and jelly which are sold domestically as well as in over 40 countries around the world.  We employ over 900 people with approximately 220 of those colleagues in MA.  Welch’s colleagues are proud of our brand and work each day to ensure we produce the best products that our consumers love and ultimately drives growth and profitability.


Sherri Malouf
Situation Management Systems, Inc 

Influencing Without Authority Workshop
Sherri Malouf, President and Master Trainer of Situation Management System, Inc., developers of the Positive Power and Influence Program, lead the engaging, fun and experiential learning session "Influencing without Authority.  Sherri is entrepreneurial, a  seasoned professional trainer and consultant with over thirty years experience. she is highly effective working with different levels of people in a variety of industries.  Sherri has delivered training programs and coached individuals in both the public and private sector in the areas of influence negotiation, leadership and team building.  During the session, participants completed in an exercise to experience influence energy and learn more about the Situational Influence Model, practiced the different ways to positively influence people, and learned how to handle unproductive or stressful interactions.

More About Sherri
Entrepreneurial and seasoned professional trainer and consultant with over fifteen years experience. Highly effective working with different levels of people in a variety of industries. Expertise includes training & consulting, design & development, marketing & sales, and business management & leadership. Firm grasp of organizational dynamics enables clients to be more successful. 

More About Situation Management Systems, Inc. (SMS)
Situation Management Systems, Inc. (SMS) was founded in 1976 and develops professional and management development programs to improve communication skills. They are a trusted partner who works with you to provide training that gives people the skills they need to meet business objectives, build solid relationships, and ultimately contribute to project, team, and organizational strategies. The results of their communication and management development training interventions are stronger more confident people who handle conflict effectively, work more effectively with others across the organization, and effectively implement critical projects. Their programs can be tailored to meet current and future needs of individuals and organizations. In addition, SMS can build programs from the ground up using various modules resulting in a unique program that fits the immediate needs of specific groups. Consultation with an SMS professional staff member ensures a smooth integration with human resource development plans.


Bonnie Marcus
Women's Success Coaching 

Anatomy of a Blindside Workshop
Workshop given by Bonnie Marcus, M.Ed, CEC, Certified Executive Coach, Forbes contributing writer.  The workplace is a highly politicized environment where key decisions about who gets ahead, who gets plum assignments, and who gets the scarce resources are not just decided on merit, but politics. Everyone talks about the glass ceiling and how women need to knock on the glass ceiling to get ahead. What’s really going on is that there is a political power grid that holds women back, not a glass ceiling, and this power grid is so hidden and buried that women don’t even know it exists. And because they don’t know it exists, they can accidentally step on something and get blindsided. Participants learn how to map the power grid in their organization, identify the key stakeholders and rate their influence; how to use promotion as a political skill for access to informal networks, information, and opportunities, and the three essential tools required to get ahead and stay ahead in today’s workplace.

More About Bonnie
Award winning entrepreneur and Forbes contributing writer, Bonnie Marcus, M.Ed., has real conversations for real women about real situations in the workplace today. As the founder and principal of Women’s Success Coaching, Bonnie assists professional women to successfully navigate the workplace and position and promote themselves to advance their careers.  With 20+ years of sales and management experience, Bonnie’s extensive business background includes CEO of a ServiceMaster company and VP of Sales at Medical Staffing Network and two others national companies in the healthcare and software industries.  She has held executive positions in startup companies and Fortune 500 companies.  In addition to ForbesWoman, Bonnie has been published in WomenEntrepreneur, Central Valley Business Times. She has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Diversity MBA, and CIO Magazine.  Bonnie received a BA from Connecticut College and a M.Ed. from New York University.  Her weekly radio show, GPS Your Career: A Woman’s Guide To Success, provides practical tips and resources for professional women to succeed in business.

More About Women's Success Coaching
Forbes.com honored Women’s Success Coaching in 2010, 2011, and 2012 as one of the Top 100 Websites for Professional Women stating, “Women’s Success Coaching weighs on the many building blocks of empowering women in business, from assertive communication to self promotion to sensitivity training.”  Women are faced with unique challenges in the business world. As women rise through the ranks as executives and as entrepreneurs in ever-increasing numbers, women must choose to follow the traditional roadmap or to make their own way. More and more women are realizing that the old blueprint does not match their desire to succeed, does not support their demand for a balanced and full life, and does not ignite their incredible potential. They can help design a realistic plan for women to reach their goals.


Caroline Mourits

Presenting with Impact Workshop
We all have to sit through presentations that are boring, long and not inspirational. We all give presentations. Whether you are persuading colleagues, selling a client or energizing a team, the power of your presentation skills makes the difference between success and failure. In this workshop you will learn how to make a different presentation that is attractive and impactful. You will get background information and ideas that work and practical tips. You will get a chance to practice and work on your presentation skills. Come and join and experience that presenting can be fun. 

More About Caroline
Caroline is a trainer with extensive experience in professional skills training and personal development. She is a Dale Carnegie trainer as well as a trainer for numerous other organizations. She has worked in Europe in addition to the US. Amongst them are Technical Universities, corporate companies and non-profit organizations. Her strong belief is that people can grow much more than they generally think. She likes to take people out of their comfort zone to show them what is possible.


Edith Onderick-Harvey
Factor In Talent

5 Drivers of Innovation in Any Environment Workshop
Innovation is a hot topic.  Firms large and small talk about the need to innovate to survive.  Our research shows that while leading innovation is one of the top skills leaders need for future success it is also one they are least effective at demonstrating. When we talk innovation we often think about generating the idea that will results in the next big thing.  However, innovation is not just idea generation, it’s execution.  It’s important for leaders in science and technology to build innovation cultures.  In this session, we talk about  The big and small ideas that create innovation, the five drivers of innovation that any company can build into their culture, and how to format create innovation conversations. 

More About Edith
Edith Onderick-Harvey is a highly sought after partner in developing leaders, executive teams and organizations that achieve exceptional performance. She has led and managed U.S.-based and international assignments with a focus on the innovation sector – high tech, life sciences, higher education and financial services. . Over the course of her career she has been a Partner with Bridge Avenue Partners in charge of marketing, worked with Accenture and had internal leadership roles for five years with BankBoston (now Bank of America) and Fidelity Investments. Edith has published articles on building sustainable talent pipelines and effectively communicating change. She has been quoted in The New York Times, Human Resource Executive, American Executive, U.S. Business Review and CNN.com.  Her work with Harvard University is featured in The Conference Board publication “Evidence-based HR in Action.”  She has also published research on Leadership in the Next Decade. Ms. Onderick-Harvey has an M.A. in Organizational Communication from Purdue.

More About Factor In Talent
Factor In Talent works with innovation sector clients -- high tech, life sciences, higher ed, and financial services - helping them strategically think about human capital, develop, engage and retain the best people, design effective organizations and achieve results. Typically, Factor In Talent  works with: Organizations faced with change brought on by rapid growth and expansion, industry developments, competitive pressures, new markets and products

, c-suite leaders who are building organizations for the future, increasing your leadership team's capacity and developing next generation leaders, leadership teams that need to work together more effectively to create results for their department, division or company and Chief HR Officers, VP’s of HR who need additional expertise or capacity to build their talent strategies and HR programs.


Janet Parnes

Interview Secrets: Hone Your Competitive Edge
Do you cringe at the thought of an interview?  Do you worry about being edged out by the competition, because your social skills may not be up to par? Take heart! There are implementable, easy-to-learn techniques that can put these concerns to rest! In this workshop we dive into them, the “‘soft skills”, (manners) that are specific to interviewing. Mastering these will help put you ease; you will be able to focus on the conversation and interviewer without wondering, “Am I doing this right?” or “What do I say?” Your conduct will show that you are prepared, focused and confident. That translates into job offers! You will learn, for example, how to for fine tune your introduction skills, exchange business cards professionally, converse comfortably, impress your interviewer with follow up and handle common dilemmas diplomatially. In addition, tales of interviewing-etiquette mishaps, real-life rudeness, (volunteer) role play and thought-provoking discussions will make the lessons fun and memorable. You will leave knowing how to incorporate the “soft skills’ into your interviewing style to project a professional polished image and set yourself apart from the competition. 

More About Janet
First impression & etiquette expert Janet Parnes is on a mission: equip young professionals with skills that enable them to maximize the opportunities and handle the conundrums that come with career advancement. Whether we are talking about a board game, table manners, or interviewing, playing by the rules shows that we are respectful, confident and competent. Janet’s etiquette workshops teach skills that develop and display these qualities; students learn how to polish their professional image to make themselves notable and memorable. As a professional storyteller, Janet spices her workshops with intriguing historical trivia, accounts of hapless etiquette breaches (including her own!) and breath-catching tales of real–life rudeness! Clients describe her workshops as “awesome”: the experience engaging and the lessons memorable. Janet’s professional experience encompasses companies such as Analog Devices, Lipton Tea, and Shaw's Supermarkets. Her desire to see young people reach their potential, and conviction that dreams are designed to be realized led her to enroll at the internationally recognized Protocol School of Washington®. With a client list that spans colleges, business groups, schools, libraries, museums and private homes, she leverages her talents and conviction to give clients techniques that cement the foundation for success in every area of life.

About Janet L. Parnes, Etiquette Consultant
Janet Parnes’ social-  and professional-etiquette programs are based on the belief that we are all endowed with qualities such as confidence, courage and creativity. Manners are tools that enable us to develop and display these qualities. Through interactive, thought-provoking workshops children, teens, and young adults develop their ability to make their dreams more attainable with conduct that brings forward the best in themselves and others.  “Be the change that you want to see in the world.”  Mahatma Gandhi


Susan Peppercorn
Positive Workplace Partners

Your Personal Brand The Key to Career Management Workshop
Is there a secret to why some people have successful careers and others don’t? With so much buzz about personal branding, do you find yourself confused about what it really is? This workshop will demystify the process. Participants will learn what personal branding is (and isn’t) and why it’s important, gain clarity on their values, passions, talents and interests, understand how your personal brand differentiates you, and appreciate how to leverage your brand to successfully manage your career.

More About Susan
Susan specializes in working with individuals in career transition who find themselves at a crossroads either through circumstance or choice. She also develops training, for organizations to help them create higher levels of employee engagement and productivity. Susan works extensively with life science professionals helping them to identify their unique skills and strengths and build their personal brand for career success. She completed a Certification in Positive Psychology Coaching with Dr. Robert Biswas-Diener as well as a Certification in Positive Psychology from Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar, highly respected leaders in Positive Psychology.

More About Positive Workplace Partners
Susan is founder and principal of Positive Workplace Partners. Susan’s coaching and workshops are based on the principles of Positive Psychology, a research-driven branch of social science that studies how the resilient, creative and fulfilling aspects of behavior can be learned and used.


Claudette Rowley

Thriving During Change 
“Change-artists” are savvy professionals who harness change in order to position and accelerate their careers. This workshop is designed for professionals who want to thrive during organizational transitions, while staying aligned with their values, goals and vision. Rather than being buffeted by the winds of change, learn how to stay centered and steer your own course. During this interactive presentation, Claudette Rowley, a seasoned Executive Coach and Change Management Consultant, will lead you through her 8 step “Thrive During Change” process. 

You’ll learn:
  - Two essential skills for remaining centered and focused

  - Strategies, tools and techniques for thriving that you can easily incorporate
  - The unique roles that culture and mindset play in your ability to thrive during change

More About Claudette
Claudette Rowley, Cultural Brilliance CEO, is a culture design consultant with 20 years of experience in organizational development. With her 5-Step Cultural Brilliance methodology, she helps executive leaders retain and increase the value of their business as they merge, transform and scale. Claudette is an experienced strategist with a knack for building collaborative executive leadership teams to boost business performance and increase employee engagement. For the last fifteen years, Claudette has consulted, trained and coached executive leaders and management teams at Fortune 1000 companies, small businesses and start-ups around how to create a workplace culture that delivers effective business results. She is the author of Embrace Your Brilliance: How to align yourself with your unique potential and lives in the Boston area with her husband and three teenagers. Claudette holds a Master of Social Work degree from the University of Michigan, a certification from the Coaches Training Institute, and the Professional Certified Coach credential through the International Coach Federation. She has completed additional training in organizational development, conflict resolution, mediation, the Predictable Success business life cycle model, and relationship systems coaching.

More About Cultural Brilliance, Inc.
Cultural Brilliance, Inc. is a consulting company dedicated to helping organizations increase the value of their business by designing and  integrating authentic, respectful cultures. 


Carol Salloway, Executive Coach and Founder
Performa Consulting Group

Driving Your Career Forward – Mentors, Sponsors, Coaches Workshop
(co-led with Ellen Keiley of EMK Consulting Group)
The work rules have changed.  It is no longer how quickly you can move up the ladder or that by doing good work, you will be noticed and promoted.  It is all about building up your portfolio of valuable experiences and assignments that accelerate your learning, your performance, your network and your future opportunities.  And you need others to support you in your career – “a board of advisors” who provide advice, access to assignments, feedback, and accountability support. In this inspiring session, workshop presenters, Ellen Keiley & Carol Salloway, cover the new realities and the actions you can take to increase your value and career potential.  

More about Carol Salloway
Carol Salloway is an Executive Coach and Leadership Development Consultant. With nearly 20 years of experience, Carol has deeply honed her coaching expertise.   She has coached over 100 leaders – smart, high performing individuals who are interested in continuing their leadership growth.   Her credentials include an MBA with a concentration in Organizational Behavior as well as being certified as a professional coach.   Her toolbox is very rich with certifications in the best-in-class leadership assessment instruments and approaches including several leadership 360 tools, various individual and team Emotional Intelligence instruments and personality instruments. Carol’s earlier career includes serving as the leader of the organizational effectiveness consulting practice at a Boston-area management consultancy. With her extensive management consultant experience, she brings a deep understanding of organizational and business dynamics to her coaching work.  Carol serves as a Supervisor Coach for the Executive Coaching Graduate Program at William James College.  She also coaches in the executive education programs at Harvard Business School.

More about Performa Consulting Group
Performa Consulting Group helps leaders build their leadership confidence, competence and effectiveness. We bring expert coaching and training skills designed to drive extraordinary personal and organizational results.  Our leadership development services are focused on the following 3 areas:  Leadership Coaching, Leadership Assessment, and Leadership/Management Development training.


Mari Anne Snow
SophiaThink Consulting

Integrating Offline and Online Tactics to Build a Powerful, Strategic Network Workshop
Digital networking has reached critical mass and the proliferation of mobile devices is only fueling the trend. Networking as we know it is changing radically as just-in-time access (to data, people, resources, information) becomes critical to maintaining career relevance. Going to “offline” networking events is a start, but it’s not going to get you where you need to be long-term. Having a cohesive plan for fortifying your face-to-face efforts with digital touch points gives you an edge over others who do not. Join us for an interactive session where we will help you identify the key elements you need to creating the network that supports your professional ambitions today and in the future.

More About Mari Anne
Mari Anne Snow is an organizational development and change management professional with over 20 years experience utilizing technology to support non-disruptive change.  She is CEO of SophiaThink, a management consulting firm that helps clients develop high performing virtual teams using new technologies.  Before SophiaThink, Mari Anne held senior positions as a business technologist and organizational development professional at the State Street Corporation.  Mari Anne is an Adjunct Professor at Bentley University; on the Board of Directors of WEST, a non-profit dedicated to the advancement of women in science and technology; and a contributor to Data Guidance, an international privacy publication.  She is also the resident social media guru for Patricia Raskin’s radio show – Positive Business on Rhode Island’s WPRV AM790.

More About SophiaThink and Sophaya
SophiaThink  is a digital strategy firm specializing in consolidated strategies for clients using digital tools for business or to support virtual teams. As experienced digital practitioners, we keep current with the shifting business and regulatory landscape to help our clients utilize the most up-to-date tools for their business advantage. In addition, we deliver executive briefings and user workshops. We are dynamic speakers available for conferences, key notes and on site-workshops. Sophaya is a cloud-based suite of products that enables companies to select, develop & manage remote workers. By 2015 its estimated 1.3B people worldwide will work remotely. Sophaya provides business solutions that address the new work realities by providing a comprehensive system to manage key employment processes, target candidate selection, provide interactive/engaging professional skill develop & team building that results in top performing remote workers. We believe professionals with the right skills can deliver exceptional value while they work. anywhere.


Maura Snow
Great Brook Biotech

Insights Into Personal Effectiveness Workshop
"Insights into personal Effectiveness” will enable participants to recognize how their key constituents perceive them and the work they are doing.  Participants will understand how their own behavioral tendencies and preferences are perceived in the workplace. Participants will learn to make any needed adaptations to increase the effectiveness of their communication and leadership efforts.  In addition to a better understanding of how others perceive them, participants will learn to comprehend the preferred communication and interactive styles of others by understanding behavioral cues. 

More About Maura
With over 20 years of experience in the role of Senior Human Resources Leader, Maura has helped technical professionals improve their interaction and leadership skills in a variety of industries. Maura has worked in the biotechnology industry since 2000 with drug discovery companies, drug sales organizations, and European pharmaceutical companies operating in the United States. Since 2009 Maura has been active in presenting communication and team building seminars for small start up companies as well as large research institutes within Harvard Medical School.


Iris Stammberger
Learning Management Institute

Making Work Visible: How to Turn Great Strategy into Great Performance
Improve your team's and organizational capabilities to deliver on targets by increasing transparency, accountability and commitment to change! At the “Making Work Visible” seminar, you will learn proven workable tools to give visibility to processes and interdependencies, the knowledge to adjust them to serve your teams' unique needs, and a step-by-step research-based strategy execution methodology. This is a highly interactive experience focused on helping organizations deliver on targets by tailoring their own set of proven visual artifacts. Using examples from different industries (healthcare, manufacturing, military operations, business decision-making, etc.) you will learn about the principles that make them effective. Then you will discuss how to tailor some of these visual artifacts to your unique needs. You will leave with action items that will improve your organization.

Making work visible through the use of visual aids has demonstrated to help improve organizational performance and support the implementation of new initiatives. Well designed business performance dashboards, checklists, tasks boards, decision-logs, and other visual aids or artifacts, suggest what to do, increase the likelihood of insights, and minimize the possibility of faulty decision- making. They are precise and prescriptive because they organize information, communication, thinking and action. They minimize the impact of faulty memory, unread emails, misunderstood conversations, cluttered memos, personal quirks, parallel agendas, and attention overload. When integrated as part of a comprehensive methodology for decision-making in complex work, they help increase efficiency, effectiveness, and adaptability. They are a powerful tool for strategy execution that executive teams can use and then scale to the rest of the organization.

The Elephant and the Stapler: Developing a Common Language of Efficiency, Effectiveness, and Timeliness Workshop
Do you feel that sometimes your organization mirrors the old tale about the blind men and the elephant? The tale says that when the blind men were asked to describe the elephant, they could not produce a unified picture of the elephant because they were describing its different parts. In today’s organizational environments, this tale is used to illustrate how people have to ‘collaborate’, ‘communicate’, ‘align perspectives', etc. Yet, these valuable concepts are vague and non-prescriptive, i.e. they do not tell you how to change behaviors in a concrete way so that day-to-day decisions capture and act on the whole picture of the elephant. The result is that you end up with a stapled version of a complex situation and difficult interpersonal dynamics. In this workshop, you will learn how to escape the blind men conundrum by helping your team 'see' situations in all their complexity. You will learn: 1. how to capture the various perspectives as a unified view, and 2. how to develop and track appropriate metrics of performance. This interactive workshop offers practical application of tools created to support decision-making in complex work. 

More About Iris
Iris Stammberger, Ph.D. is a business performance improvement consultant who has worked internationally with IT, energy, biotech, pharmaceutical, energy and higher education organizations. She is the founder and CEO of the Learning Management Institute, a consulting firm supporting business performance improvement in organizations through the use of TALBOK™, a framework and methodology for effective decision-making in organizations. Prior to this, she held the Project Management Professional Certification (PMP) and worked internationally in strategy execution and project management as the CEO of a boutique management and engineering consulting firm in Latin America. She holds a Ph.D. from Tufts University (Cognitive Studies) and an MSEE from Universidad Central de Venezuela. 

More About Learning Management Institute (LMI)
LMI specializes in working with C-level teams to help them better execute strategy. LMI helps leaders customize a unique and scalable decision-making methodology so they can effectively navigate the demands of growth, change, alignment, and new metrics. Services include problem-solving seminars, workshops, facilitation, and other interventions for increased effectiveness, efficiency, and timeliness. Some of our performance improvement workshops are: Organizing for Disruptive Change, Visual Management, and Key Performance Indicators that Work.


Samantha Sutton
Samantha Sutton, Ph.D. Life Solutions

A Positive Mental Shift: Deal with Worry and Anxiety so that You Can Enjoy Your Career and Life Workshop
If you are reading this, you likely care deeply about having a great career and life. But sometimes this care brings its "dark side" along for the ride: you feel anxious, worried, overwhelmed, or plain-old stressed out. These feelings eat at you on the inside and rob you from enjoying the very fruits of your labor. What a bum deal! In this interactive seminar, you will learn how and why your mind generates stressful feelings, and how to direct your thoughts and energy into pursuits that bring you more success and joy.

Be Your Best Self, and the Results Will Follow Webinar
Have you ever heard the saying “the world is a mirror of yourself”? Take an inventory: are you 100% proud of who you are "being" in your daily life? If you aren’t, then this webinar is for you. Dr. Sutton will help you identify what you want to be known for in your workplace: is it integrity? Vision? Generosity? These traits make up your own unique personal brand of “super hero." Dr. Sutton will show you how to cultivate those traits in your life so that you can be your best self each day, and have that reflected back at you in the results you get.

Train Your Brain to Work FOR your Goals Instead of AGAINST Them Workshop

With all of the excellent tips and tactics you have learned in seminars (like these!) and read on the web, you likely know what you need to do to have a great career and life: Ask for what I want. Network. Figure out my brand. Make time for myself. Exercise more. Say ‘NO.’ And yet, many of us still feel stuck. The reason is that we are not logical beings, but rather, human ones. Our minds are complicated, emotional, associative places that produce staggering works of genius and also staggering amounts of self-sabotage. In this seminar, you will learn how to use your most precious asset, your brain, to work FOR your goals instead of AGAINST them. You will understand the processes underlying your daily decisions, stressors, and thoughts, and how to leverage them in more constructive ways. You will leave with a set of “exercises” to train your brain to be a lean, mean, dream-getting machine. 

More About Samantha
Samantha is passionate about helping brilliant people like you live brilliant lives.  Samantha earned a Ph.D. in Biological Engineering at MIT, and then realized that, if she really wanted to change the face of science and technology in the world, the best way to do it would be to start with the scientists and technologists, themselves
Samantha has spent the past seven years teaching over a thousand individuals in how to make inspired and fulfilling life choices. She combines her background in science, engineering and coaching to teach you how to achieve a WHOLE life that you love: career, relationships, time management, money, health, and other areas. Samantha runs her own coaching company, Samantha Sutton, Ph.D. Life Solutions, that offers a systematic and powerful approach to inventing a life you love.
Samantha has coached at institutions like Stanford, MIT, Columbia and the National Cancer Institute (NCI), organizations such as the American Women in Science (AWIS), the Association for Underrepresented Minority Fellows (AUMF), and NSF's FORWARD to Professorship Workshop, and at companies like BASF and DaVita HealthCare Partners. 


Fredia Woolf
Woolf Consulting

The Value Builder Workshop
This workshop is an introduction to a unique career advancement and leadership development program for mid-career women who want to reach their potential and realize their value.  They want to be more effective in their current role and ready themselves for the next.  They recognize that technical mastery and subject matter expertise are not sufficient, and need to build awareness of their accomplishments, but don’t really know how to go about it in a dignified way.  They know they have to be seen and heard in a different way, but face obstacles in the form of organizational barriers, unhelpful self-talk, and misplaced perceptions.  In short, they need to learn the Five V’s of self-empowerment, to build their credibility and confidence, and develop themselves as leaders. 

More About Fredia Woolf
Fredia has been providing consulting, facilitation and executive coaching services since the late 1990s. Prior to founding Woolf Consulting, Fredia held line and leadership roles in the global capital markets. She spent more than a decade in investment banking, where she turned around and led sales teams, spearheaded innovative sales approaches, and substantially increased market penetration and bottom line results.  She has been advising C-suite executives since 1990, and spent five years helping CFOs and CEOs of FT-SE 100 companies craft effective shareholder communications strategies. In addition to her consulting work, Fredia serves as Vice-Chair of the Board of ITN Greater Boston, a transportation service for the elderly, as Board Member of the Boston Facilitators Roundtable, a professional association, and as Vice-Chair of the Strategic Planning Committee of the Boston Club, an organization for women leaders.  She has lived in South Africa, Europe and the United States.  Her education includes degrees in Modern Languages and Education, and an MBA, with Highest Honors, from Simmons School of Management in Boston, where she specialized in Marketing and Organizational Behavior. 

More About Woolf Consulting
Woolf Consulting is dedicated to helping leadership teams, boards of directors and individual leaders enhance their effectiveness and transform organizational performance. Clients are primarily in knowledge industries: biopharma, health care, high tech, professional and financial services.  Fredia Woolf’s global perspective, experience and innovative thinking, enable her to adapt to the client’s specific context, needs and challenges and to offer unique solutions that result in improved productivity, performance, teamwork, communication effectiveness, work satisfaction and profitability. Woolf Consulting’s website is www.woolfconsulting.com, where you can sign up for a monthly newsletter, Outside Insight.