Leadership of Innovation: Building Strategic Leadership
Skills in Science & Technology

Leaders in the science and technology industries face extraordinary challenges – and opportunities – because they work in highly innovative organizations which feature rapid change, fast growth, and shifting priorities. This presentation will cover the key skills required for effective leadership in science and technology organizations, the challenges faced when leading innovation, and ways to improve leadership practices.

In this high-impact session, attendees gain actionable takeaways on:

  • The two most critical actions leaders can take to improve performance.
  • Three inadvertent missteps many leaders currently make that stifle innovation, create team confusion, and delay critical timelines.
  • A powerful framework for rapidly advancing leadership practices.
This program is custom crafted for those working in science and technology who want to maximize their impact in their organizations.


About the Speaker

Leadership expert Gwen Acton, PhD is CEO of Vivo Group, a firm specializing in improving the innovation and performance of science and technology organizations. Dr. Acton has worked with over 5,000 leaders and 100 sci/tech organizations ranging from Fortune 100 Pharmas to small startups on their strategic leadership practices to maximize performance and innovation. Dr. Acton received a doctorate in biology from M.I.T., served as a faculty member at Harvard University, and was Director of Scientific Development at the Whitehead Institute. Dr. Acton led the non-profit group Women in the Enterprise of Science & Technology (WEST) and has been a board member of The Bioscience Network, Forsyth Institute, and NE National Speakers Association.

Date and Time:  
February 6, 2024
6:00-7:30PM ET

   6:00-6:45PM - Workshop/Lecture
   6:45-7:30PM - Interactive Practice


Members: $5; Non-Members: $15

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Given our mission is to promote women's development in STEM we would like to offer a free spot in our workshops to those in transition between jobs or who cannot afford the ticket price. Please contact [email protected] if you qualify.

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