Stories in STEM: Successfully Navigating Burnout to Thrive on the Other Side

For some, the idea of burnout is focused on an overextension and exhaustion at our paid work., For many of us, burn out shows up when overextension and exhaustion loom over all the things - paid and unpaid. Think about it…we are employees, caregivers, partners, friends, siblings…we are athletes, artists, crafts people…we are so many things to so many people  - it is no wonder we experience overwhelm and burnout at such a high rate.  

During our 60 minutes together, we’ll dive into the topic of burnout, specifically:

  • Defining what it is, and how it often shows up for women
  • Recognizing the signs, symptoms and impact of experiencing burnout
  • Focusing on ways to avoid burnout in the future through action planning 

This will be the interactive session you’ve been craving. You will hear from a variety of people including stories from people who have overcome the challenges of burnout. You’ll walk away with a start to a personalized action plan with effective self-monitoring strategies to avoid getting caught in another burnout circumstance, and to thrive in your career. The workshop will be lead by Yasha Dwivedi and Karin von Hodenberg.


Date and Time:  
October 12, 2023
12:00 - 1:00 PM


Members: $5; Non-Members: $15
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