Career Possibilities Panel & Speed Networking - Research & Development, Discovery

In the world of business, careers are no longer linear or predictable. What was once a clearly sign-posted path as you progressed through milestones, a career road map is now circuitous presenting new challenges and opportunities at every bend. Life-long careers in one sector or one company are becoming a rarity as new technologies and shifting social norms disrupt traditional careers. Both employers and employees are seeking more diversity of experience, lifestyle flexibility and alternative paths.

This panel is designed to help you think about your career path and the different options that are open to you. The panel will have an informational interview type feel with panelists sharing their career paths, a look at what their job entails, transferrable skills for those looking to make a change, tips for uncovering opportunities, advice for others, and how to make brave leaps. This panel will be moderated by Lesley Chan the Cellular Process Development group for Sickle Cell Disease at bluebird bio. 

Panelists Include: 
Antara Banerjee- 
Senior Director, Head Cell Engager Therapies, Takeda
Celine Han- Principal Scientist, Translational Bioinformatics, Bristol Myers Squibb
Karen Perez de Arce- Principal Scientist I, Novartis
Jyothsna Viswesvaraiah- Director, Drug Creation, Seismic Therapeutic


Date and Time:  
April 26, 2023
6:00-7:30 PM EST

4 mins: Welcome
60 mins: Panel discussion
12 mins: Small group speed networking
2 mins: Learnings
12 mins: Small group speed networking



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Celine Han- Celine Han is a computational biologist and principal scientist in Translational Bioinformatics at Bristol Myers Squibb (BMS). Her focus of research is to advance oncology clinical trial programs and to influence development strategies by applying cutting-edge bioinformatic analyses on clinical trials and real-world data. Her work involves driving complex collaborations and communications with various partners for biomarker discovery and patient stratification. Read More Here.

Antara Banerjee- Antara Banerjee received her Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the University of Maryland focusing on structure-function relationship of bile acid drug transporters and their role in cholesterol metabolism.  She did her postdoctoral training in Immunology at DNAX/Merck focusing on innate, adaptive immune mechanisms in infectious diseases and autoimmune indications. Currently as Senior Director and Head of Cell Engager Pillar, Oncology Drug Discovery Unit at Takeda, Antara is responsible for shaping the strategy and roadmap for Cell Engagers as part of the broader Oncology pipeline. Read More Here

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