Discover Your "How": Learn to Increase Productivity and Reduce Stress at Work! 

In this fun, interactive session, you will learn about the most overlooked facet of the way your mind works – your conative instinct, the way you solve problems when you are completely free to do things your way.  When you understand this part of who you are, a whole new level of awareness will become available to you to guide you in becoming more productive and less stressed in your work, for the rest of your life.

Prior to this session, you will take the Kolbe A Index™, the only proven tool to accurately assess your innate, problem-solving (conative) strengths.  By walking through this assessment and the theory behind it, you will:

  • Discover your innate doing strengths and how you can find the most ease at work
  • Uncover your strength gaps and learn strategies for increased productivity
  • Learn to predict and overcome sources of conative stress - conflict, tension, and strain


Presenter Bio:

Andrea MacKenzie, Founder of Lead With Harmony, primarily works with small business owners and team leaders to define and achieve their business growth, leadership development, and team-building goals.  Andrea’s coaching philosophy is grounded in the belief that empowering people with a greater sense of self-awareness unlocks the freedom and confidence needed for decision-making mastery and effective, conscious leadership.  

As an MBA, business consultant, and certified professional coach, Andrea has partnered with leaders and their organizations - from small business owners to Fortune 500 companies - for over 15 years to cultivate high-performance teams and support strategic change and growth initiatives.  While she often explores ideas and strategies from her corporate experience with her clients, she sees more impact when championing mission-driven individuals to pioneer their own unique brand of leadership that aligns with their most important values and mission.  She enjoys working with leaders who aim for growth and wellness for themselves and for the people they hire, serve, and inspire.  Please visit for more information. 


Date and Time:  
June 22, 2022
5:30-7:30 PM EST

5:30-7:00 Workshop
7:00-7:30 Optional Q&A



Members: $40; Non-Members: $50

Price includes Kolbe A Index™ Assessment. You will receive a link to complete the assessment roughly two weeks prior to the event. Please complete your assessment by 6/19.


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