The Anxious Go-Getter: Keep The Achievement, Lose The Anxiety 


Imagine a life where you remain as successful, productive, and appreciated, without that ever-exhausting weight of anxiety accompanying you behind the scenes every step of the way. To those with high functioning anxiety, these ideas may seem like only distant dreams.

In this talk, Courtney, an anxious go-getter herself, will show you how all of this is possible for YOU. She will walk you through an effective, step-by-step process of cultivating a new, more constructive relationship with anxiety… a relationship built upon acceptance and compassion, rather than fear and perfectionism.

Join us to learn to achieve the same level of success in your life, with a fraction of the anxiety!

Talk Objectives:
What we’ll explore, learn and create, together: 

1. Explore what life would look like if you weren’t hiding your anxiety behind a mask of productivity.
2. Learn 4 key mindset shifts to cultivating a healthier relationship with self-doubt.
3. Create an actionable plan to show up more consistently as the most aligned version of yourself.


About the Speaker

Dr. Courtney Paré is a holistic anxiety and self-advocacy coach, naturopathic doctor, and speaker. She serves as a healing catalyst for women, empowering them to feel more peaceful, worthy, and successful. After years of letting fear, doubt, and shame take the driver's seat, Courtney decided to risk a value driven life. The personal transformation that followed fueled her passion to support other women in shifting their own relationships with fear and failure. Courtney is committed to helping women embrace their innate gifts, strengths, and value. She provides the education and encouragement necessary to help clients create thriving personal and professional lives.


Date and Time:   
June 3, 2021
4:00-5:30 PM ET


Members: $5; Non-Members: $15

Given our mission is to promote women's development in STEM we would like to offer a free spot in our workshops to those in transition between jobs or who cannot afford the ticket price. Please contact [email protected] if you qualify.

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