Author Chat - Reinvesting in Your Rhetoric with Jill Slye

Reinvesting in Your Rhetoric is your guide to becoming confident, communicating clearly, and delivering the best speech of your career. By defining and understanding your communication baseline, the OCD Presentation MethodTM will allow you to become a better communicator and speaker, all while establishing a meaningful connection with your audience. Its memorable three-part application is designed to help you organize your message, develop audience-centered content, and deliver your message through your natural strengths and authentic delivery style. Author Jill Slye has both utilized and coached others through the OCD Presentation MethodTM and relishes in the success of her clients and students. She is dedicated to her vision of changing the world one speech at a time.

Build your confidence with Reinvesting in Your Rhetoric, the only pocket-sized guide to public presentations you’ll ever need.


About the Author 
Jill Slye, founder and principal of A Sounding Board LLC, teaches multiple courses and professional development programs on Public Speaking, Professional Presenting, Leadership Communication in Virtual World, Communicating as a Woman, and Leadership Communication at Harvard University Extension School. She recently accepted a position teaching at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine, offering the MMSc students a year long course on Leadership Communication. Her courses attract diverse people from around the globe. Additionally, she owns her own coaching company and has worked with people from the various schools at Harvard. Outside of Harvard, her clients consist of employees and executives from marketing firms, hospitals, technology companies, and non-profit organizations. Her programs focus on techniques to improve public speaking and effective communication skills. Jill’s twenty-nine years of business experience in sales, management, and marketing provide the basis for her understanding of her audience and enhance her ability to relate to her clients and students. In 2020, Jill was awarded the Petra T. Shattuck Excellence in Teaching Award  at the Harvard Extension School. 


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