Coaching Circles - SOLD OUT

Coaching circles adapt the principles and methods of individual coaching and apply them to small, intentional groups. They set the stage for peer to peer coaching facilitated by trained and qualified professional coaches offering women a supportive and motivating environment to connect through meaningful conversations. Participants develop a set of peer coaching skills in addition to benefiting from professional coaching, and are often preferred by people who learn well in small groups. Join us to establish new relationships, enhance leadership skills and talents, and develop in an area that is a current challenge. We will do three 30 minute sessions. The preset topics will include the following.

Coaching Topics and Coaches

  • Advancing in Your Career - Karen Pappas
    • Career advancement topics will include ensuring you are seen while working remotely, developing your professional network, creating a career plan with achievable goals, defining career paths within your organization, promoting your personal brand, communicating with leadership to target key areas for success, and building the skillset required to obtain your career goals.
  • Communication/Building Better Relationships - Duane Baggerly
    • Focus on 3 skills that great communicators practice in all of life's scenarios: Listening, Inquiry and Empathy. These underscore all positive and productive relationships, and raise the quality of interactions. They are critical for influencing others and getting buy-in to both you and your ideas. How do you listen as if you know nothing? How do you inquire in ways that do not make others defensive? And how do you express your empathy, not just feel it?
  • Confidence - Kim Meninger
    • Almost everyone struggles with a lack of confidence, at times. The women who appear to have limitless self-confidence have likely been cultivating it for years. What are some deliberate actions you can take to build your confidence? What helps you remain unshakable in turbulent times? How can you enlist your inner critic to help you instead of hinder you? 
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback - Etta Jacobs
    • Understand that giving and receiving feedback is not one-size-fits all. We will reflect on what you each need to feel safe/comfortable receiving feedback and you'll learn how to customize your feedback for anyone on your team—including your manager. Learn 4 basic steps to giving meaningful feedback in a way that feels safe for both the giver and receiver. Learn the importance of appreciation in offering feedback.
  • How to Find Fulfillment and Success in What's Next for You, Strengths/ValuesKimberly Napier
    • Are you considering your next move? Has the pandemic given rise to what really matters to you and what you may want to change in your life, but perhaps you’re not sure what to do next? Learn the three questions to ask yourself to ensure you are not only successful in your work, but also fulfilled to ensure you are not settling for less than you deserve. Walk away with more clarity and your own personal definition for success for your future.
  • Influence without Authority/Conflict Resolution - Amy Rebecca Gay
    • The iconic lone scientist is a myth. Science is done in groups and requires us to influence and collaborate. What can you do to increase your influence? How do you foster collaboration when all there seems to be is conflict? And what if you have no authority? We'll explore how to make these skills feel like your own so that you act from authenticity and don't feel like an impostor. 
  • Leadership Development - Marion Estienne & Roberta Matuson
    • Aspiring and experienced leaders--bring your curiosity and wisdom! Possible topics:  What are the characteristics of great leaders? What are some common development challenges for leaders? How do you develop as a leader? How do you get feedback about your leadership? What are the most important leadership lessons you’ve learned?
  • Optimal Stress for Optimal Performance - Diana Gore
    • Using the Goldilocks principle of “just enough” we will explore how stress impacts performance (both in and outside of work).  Identify where on the performance curve your brain is optimized and how your current level of stress may be interfering.  We will also discuss strategies to minimize stress to get you back in balance so you “think” and “feel” better.
  • Personal Branding - Rita B. Allen
    • Identifying, creating and articulating our “personal brand" empowers us to 'own our career', and seize opportunities we aspire to achieve. Personal branding and the ability to market ourselves is an essential ingredient to successfully manage our careers. How do you differentiate yourself and leverage and showcase your talents and present your value internally and externally
  • Work/Life Balance - Duane Baggerly


Date and Time:  
October 22, 2020
4:00 - 6:30 PM


4:00-4:10pm: Welcome, format, and peer coaching tips
4:10-4:40pm: Session 1
4:40-4:50pm: Break, Notes
4:50-5:20pm: Session 2
5:20-5:30pm: Break, Notes 
5:30-6:00: Session 3
6:00-6:30pm: Optional Networking    




Members: $10; Non-Members: $20; bluebird bio employees: $0

Attendance is very limited and this event will sell out.

Given our mission is to promote women's development in STEM we would like to offer a one-time free spot in our workshops to those in transition between jobs. Please contact [email protected] if you qualify.