Making better decisions: Pre-mortem analysis and other cognitive tools for better outcomes in life, love, and work

Rationality is bounded by previous experiences and numerous mental short-cuts wired on us by biology. To escape its limitations, we can purposely use a series of tools developed by cognitive scientists to help people make better decisions. Dr. Stammberger will be sharing some of the tools that have helped her clients achieve better outcomes and offer the participants on this webinar a set of steps to follow to implement the tools that lead better decision-making. She will share examples of faulty decision-making and how these tools help.


Iris Stammberger, MSEE, MED, PhD is a leader on the formal use of visual management as a business strategy for operational improvement. She is the founder and CEO of TALBOK Consulting LLC., a firm focused on using visual management to improve business performance. She has worked internationally with IT, energy, biotech, pharmaceutical, energy, non-profit and higher education organizations. She holds degrees from Tufts University (Interdisciplinary Ph.D. and Human Computer Interaction CAGS), Cambridge College (Counseling Psychology ME.d), IESA (Business Administration CAGS), Universidad Central de Venezuela (M.S. Electrical Engineering), and Universidad de Carabobo (BSEE). Iris is a mentor at the Healthcare Business Woman Association's mentorship program and a board member of the Boston Medical Development Group (Boston MDG) and the New England Women in Science Executive Club (NEWISE Club). Contact information: [email protected]


Date and Time:   
October 6, 2020
12:00 - 1:00 PM


Members: $5; Non-Members: $15

Given our mission is to promote women's development in STEM we would like to offer a one-time free spot in our workshops to those in transition between jobs. Please contact [email protected] if you qualify.

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