To MBA or Not to MBA          

At some point in your career, many people ask themselves: I’m succeeding in my STEM career but what’s next? Do I need an MBA to get to the next level? Could leveraging my STEM background by combining it with the in-demand skills of leadership and business be a game changer for my career? Decide for yourself by listening to the experiences of our four esteemed panelists – Some who have an MBA and others who do not – and learn which factors you should consider in this decision. 

Michael Fair, Product Manager, Rethink Robotics
Meredith Fisher, Partner, Partners Innovation Fund 
Ellie McGuire, Partner, LS Polaris Innovation Fund
Erin Molgaard, VP, Managed Accounts, Fidelity 

Moderated by Jodi Detjen, Clinical Professor of Management, Director of MBA Programs, Suffolk University, Managing Partner, Orange Grove Consulting

Date and Time:  
November 13, 2018
6:00 - 8:00 PM

Suffolk University, 120 Tremont St, 5th Floor, The Commons, Boston, MA