Improving the Quality and Impact of our Conversations through Conversational Intelligence™

We have long thought of communication as a soft skill and given it little attention. Yet it, more than anything else, is the cause of problems and the source of solutions in our businesses and in our lives. 

Everything happens through conversations.  Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ) provides frameworks and tools, based on neuroscience, that elevate the quality of our conversations and our results by creating the conditions for increased trust, creativity and collaboration.

In this interactive session, participants will gain a basic understanding of Conversational Intelligence.  

They will:

  • Become familiar with neuroscientific research on conversations and why it matters.
  • Identify two core human needs that impact the effectiveness of our conversations.
  • Gain specific tools that increase the impact of conversations in order to build trust and encourage greater creativity and collaboration.



Date and Time:  
September 20, 2018
6:00 - 8:30 PM

5:50-6:10pm: Registration, mingling, and light dinner

6:10-6:30pm: Facilitated networking
6:30-8:00pm: Workshop
8:00-8:30pm: Optional networking

300 Massachusetts Avenue (Between Sidney and Landsdowne Streets), Cambridge, MA 02139

Campus Map 

We appreciate Takeda donating the use of their event space. 


Members: $15; Non-Members: $40

Given our mission is to promote women's development in STEM we would like to offer a one-time free spot in our workshops to those in transition between jobs. Please contact [email protected] if you qualify.