Towards Operational Excellence

Is your team operating at its best? Do you have a systematic way of evaluating progress towards goals and removing the various impediments your team faces? Is your team delivering the best service or product quality at the right cost? The concept of operational excellence is a guiding philosophy which requires teams and organizations strive to achieve excellence in all aspects of its operations, adding value at every step. It offers a series of tools and methods that can help efficiency, effectiveness, and adaptability. It makes visible key performance indicators and what needs to be done to support performance.

In this series of workshops, you will learn about various operational excellence frameworks, tools and methods, and how to build an operational excellence framework for your team.      


10/19: Towards Operational Excellence: Selecting the areas that will deliver the biggest payouts and motivate your team.

Sometimes implementing an operational excellence framework clash with people's resistance to change behaviors. A good strategy to support behavioral changes in your team is to start small, i.e. choosing a visible but smaller challenge where positive results will serve to showcase the benefits of implementing an operational excellence framework. In this workshop, you will learn a step by step methodology to carve out of a complex situation the real project that will deliver visible results and help your team embrace an operational excellence framework.



Iris Stammberger, MSEE, MED, PhD is a leader on the formal use of visual management as a business strategy for operational improvement. She is the founder and CEO of TALBOK Consulting LLC., a firm focused on using visual management to improve business performance. She has worked internationally with IT, energy, biotech, pharmaceutical, energy, non-profit and higher education organizations. She holds degrees from Tufts University (Interdisciplinary Ph.D. and Human Computer Interaction CAGS), Cambridge College (Counseling Psychology ME.d), IESA (Business Administration CAGS), Universidad Central de Venezuela (M.S. Electrical Engineering), and Universidad de Carabobo (BSEE). Iris is a mentor at the Healthcare Business Woman Association's mentorship program and a board member of the Boston Medical Development Group (Boston MDG) and the New England Women in Science Executive Club (NEWISE Club). Contact information: [email protected] 


Date and Time:  
October 19, 2017
6:00 - 8:30 PM


5:50-6:10pm: Registration, mingling, and light dinner
6:10-6:30pm: Facilitated networking
6:30-8:00pm: Workshop
8:00-8:30pm: Optional networking


Alnylam Pharmaceuticals Cambridge, 300 Third Street, Bella A, Cambridge, MA 02142

We appreciate Alnylam Pharmaceuticals donating the use of their event space.


Members: $20; Non-Members: $50












Other Events in this Series


9/14: Operational Excellence for Team Performance: The tools and methods of operational excellence

You will learn about various operational excellence frameworks and how you can create and implement your own using proven techniques and methods. Specifically, you will leave with 10 tools to make your team more effective that you can start using immediately after the workshop. 


11/16: Operational Excellence and Digital Collaboration: How digital business collaboration supports individual, team and organizational excellence

In this workshop, you will explore how an operational excellence framework is easier to implement when you have the ability to use digital business collaboration tools. They help monitor, report and control the information needed for improved collaboration and communication at work making visible what needs to be done to align all involved in the pursuit of operational excellence. We will explore the pros and cons of 7 digital collaboration IT tools that can contribute to help your team in the pursuit of operational excellence.